NREMT-EMR Certification Exam


Exam Name: National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians: Emergency Medical Responder
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Total Questions: 450
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NREMT-EMR Certification National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians-Emergency Medical Responder

The NREMT-EMR certification validates the candidate’s knowledge and skills to counter emergency calls, perform basic lifesaving procedures, and assist those in need of medical attention. Further, it verifies the student’s proficiency in EMS (emergency medical service) personnel including paramedics and technicians.

In addition, the Emergency Medical Responder credential exam is not only dedicated to medical experts. In fact, firefighters, police officers, and park rangers are also trained EMRs because they are the first emergency personnel who generally respond to a call. As a result, earning an EMR certification is crucial to becoming part of an EMS response team. An emergency Medical System or EMS certification is a system to provide medical care in times of emergency. Therefore, it is a vendor for many relevant certification programs including EMR.

The NREMT or National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians is a non-profit organization. The purpose of this corporation is to protect the public/masses by ensuring that the EMS experts are working effectively in their fields. For this purpose, NREMT has introduced first responder certification exams of four types for EMS professionals including the EMR certification program.

An Overview of the EMR Examination

The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians-Emergency Medical Responder certification consists of a cognitive and psychomotor test.

The cognitive part of the exam is a computer-based test to evaluate the candidate’s core knowledge of EMS National Educational Standards organized by the federal government. Further, the exam contains questions between 60 to 80 along with 30 pilot or unscored questions. The questions are structured over six content areas including;

  • Respiration, airway management, and artificial ventilation
  • Resuscitation and shock
  • Medicine
  • EMS operations
  • Trauma
  • Special patient populations

After getting the passing status in the cognitive part, candidates are required to pass the psychomotor exam as well, to earn their NREMT-EMR credential status. Surprisingly, this part of the examination is not organized by the NREMT. Instead, the EMS state office or any other affiliated institution provides the instructors for the evaluation of the psychomotor exam.

Moreover, the psychomotor exam evaluates the hands-on skills of common incidents that an EMR may come across in the field. Here is the example performance checklist for your better understanding of the content of this test;

  • Trauma management and assessment
  • Medical emergency management and assessment
  • Cardiac arrest management
  • BVM ventilation of an adult apneic patient
  • Oxygen administration through a non-rebreather mask

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