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Exam Name: Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards: Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology
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EPPP: Associate of State and Provincial Psychology Boards-Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology

The EPPP (Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology) helps a candidate to become certified as a psychologist and is a necessity if someone wants to practice as a licensed professional in the United States and Canadian provinces. This credential exam is arranged by ASPPB (Associate of State and Provincial Psychology Boards) https://www.asppb.net/page/EPPPSignup. You can have practice courses for EPPP and other Medical examinations on our website.

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals with a degree in Psychology are able to take the EPPP psychology credential test. The general requirements include a bachelor’s degree with a psychology major or social sciences degree (any domain) followed by a psychology major master’s degree. Further, the applicants should also have completed their doctoral degree before licensing as a psychologist.

Moreover, the applicants should have one year of supervised doctoral experience and postdoctoral field experience. All the requirements vary according to the state and province the candidate is applying from and the educational background.

Exam Format and Duration

The EPPP credential exam has two parts, first part is to assess the knowledge of the candidate while the second part is for skill measurement. Right now passing the second part is mandatory in some provinces only, although soon it is going to be compulsory for licensure.

Further, part 1 (Knowledge) consists of 225 questions, and each question contains four options including one correct option. Out of these 175 questions are scored while the rest 50 questions are unscored and experimental. The time duration to complete this exam is about four hours and fifteen minutes. This exam part has eight content areas;

  • Cultural and Social bases of behavior —11%
  • Cognitive affective bases of behavior —13%
  • Biological basis of behavior —10%
  • Legal/ethical/professional issues —16%
  • Lifespan and growth development —12%
  • Prevention, treatment, supervision, and intervention —15%
  • Statistics and research methods —7%
  • Diagnosis and assessment —16%

EPPP exam part 2 (skills) consists of 170 multiple-choice questions, out of which 130 questions are scored while the other 40 questions are unscored. These unscored questions are there to evaluate the exam which helps in a future version of the test. This exam part contains six topic areas;

  • Intervention and assessment —33%
  • Scientific orientation to practice —6%
  • Ethical practice —17%
  • Relational competence —16%
  • Consultation, supervision, and collaboration —17%
  • Professionalism —11%

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