1Z0-006 Certification Exam


Exam Name: Oracle Database Foundations
Vendor Name: Oracle
Total Questions: 130

Oracle, a name synonymous with database technology, offers a plethora of certifications for IT professionals. Among them, the 1Z0-006 Oracle Database Foundation exam stands out as an entry-level certification designed for those new to Oracle databases.

Overview of 1Z0-006 Oracle Database Foundation Exam

The 1Z0-006 Oracle Database Foundation exam is designed to validate the foundational knowledge of candidates in Oracle Database technology. It covers the basics of relational databases, Oracle Database architecture, and basic SQL. Earning this certification can be a stepping stone for more advanced Oracle certifications and can give candidates an edge in the job market.


Number of Questions: Typically, the exam consists of 75 multiple-choice questions.

Duration: 120 minutes.

Passing Score: Generally, a score of 65% or above is required to pass.

Format: Computer-based test.

Cost: The exam fee varies by region, but it’s generally around $245.

Key Topics Covered:


Introduction to Relational Databases: Understand the basic concepts of relational databases, including tables, rows, and columns.

Oracle Database Architecture: Familiarize yourself with the Oracle Database environment, including memory structures and processes.

Basic SQL: Learn to write, execute, and modify SQL statements and understand SQL functions.

Preparation Recommendations:

Official Oracle Study Guide: Oracle provides an official study guide for the 1Z0-006 exam. It’s always a good idea to start here as it covers all the exam objectives.

Practice Tests: Before taking the actual exam, it’s crucial to test your knowledge. There are several reputable websites that offer practice tests for the 1Z0006 exam. These tests simulate the actual exam environment and can give you a good idea of where you stand.

Question & Answer Dumps: While it’s essential to understand the concepts, going through Q&A dumps can be beneficial. They provide a collection of questions that have been frequently asked in previous iterations of the exam. However, ensure you’re using legitimate and up-to-date sources.

PDF Study Materials: There are several PDF dumps available online that consolidate the study material. These can be handy for on-the-go revision.

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