PEGAPCDC86V1 Certification Exam


Exam Name: Pega Certified Decisioning Consultant (PCDC) 86V1
Vendor Name: Pegasystems
Total Questions: 60

Pega Certified Decisioning Consultant (PCDC) Certification Exam Preparation

This course will provide comprehensive preparation for the Pega Certified Decisioning Consultant PEGAPCDC86V1 Certification Exam. We will cover key concepts and tools essential to Pega Decisioning.

Introduction to Pega Decisioning

In this section, we introduce the fundamentals of decision management, with a focus on how Pega’s platform enables dynamic, real-time decision-making.

    • Basics of Decision Management

    • Understanding Pega Platform

Pega Decisioning Tools and Techniques

Here, we will delve into the tools and techniques that are unique to Pega Decisioning, including predictive analytics, adaptive decisions, and interaction history. The PEGAPCDC86V1 certification exam focuses on Pega Decisioning tools and techniques. Pega Decisioning is a component of the Pega Platform that enables organizations to make data-driven decisions and automate business processes. This certification validates the candidate’s knowledge and skills in leveraging Pega Decisioning capabilities effectively.

The exam covers various topics related to Pega Decisioning tools and techniques. Here is a summary of the key areas that candidates need to be familiar with:

  1. Decision Strategies: Candidates should have a deep understanding of decision strategies and how to design, develop, and test them using Pega Decisioning. This includes knowledge of various decision types, decision components, and how to optimize decision strategies for better performance.

  2. Predictive Analytics: This topic focuses on using predictive models and statistical techniques within Pega Decisioning. Candidates should be familiar with predictive analytics concepts, such as data preparation, model development, model deployment, and monitoring.

  3. Adaptive Decisioning: Adaptive decision enables real-time decision-making based on customer behavior and context. Candidates should know how to implement adaptive models and configure adaptive models using the Pega Decisioning platform.

  4. Next-Best-Action (NBA): NBA is a key concept in Pega Decisioning that suggests the best action to take in a given customer interaction. Candidates should understand how to configure and optimize NBA strategies to deliver personalized and relevant actions to customers.

  5. Decision Data Store (DDS): The DDS is a centralized data repository in Pega Decisioning that stores customer-related data and decision results. Candidates should be familiar with configuring and managing DDS instances and understand how data flows between the DDS and other components of the Pega Platform.

  6. Decisioning Analytics: This topic covers various analytics tools and techniques available in Pega Decisioning. Candidates should know how to use Decisioning Analytics to gain insights, perform root cause analysis, and monitor decision outcomes.

  7. Decisioning Integration: Candidates should understand how to integrate Pega Decisioning with other systems and applications. This includes knowledge of integration patterns, data mapping, and using decision services for real-time decisions.

  • Introduction to Pega Decisioning Tools

  • Predictive Analytics and Adaptive Decisioning

  • Next-Best-Action and Interaction History

  1. Working with Decision Strategies

    This section will help you understand, design, and implement decision strategies, as well as how to test and simulate them to ensure their effectiveness.

    • Understanding Strategy Components

    • Designing and implementing Decision Strategies

    • Testing and Simulation of Decision Strategies

  2. Pega Customer Decision HubThe Pega Customer Decision Hub is a key component of Pega Decisioning. This section covers its introduction, implementation of Real-Time Containers, and usage of Visual Business Director.

    • Introduction to Pega Customer Decision Hub

    • Implementing Real-Time Container

    • Using Visual Business Director

  3. Exam Preparation and Review

    The final section of the course will provide an overview of the PEGAPCDC86V1 Certification exam structure and format. Key concepts from the course will be reviewed, and a mock exam will be conducted for practice.

    • Exam Structure and Format

    • Review of Key Concepts

    • Mock Exam and Discussions

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