Question Types

What products are available?

There are 2 types of TestsExpert products available are available:

Questions in PDF: This is one of the most popular products out of the exams collection of questions and answers. It can be acquired in PDF format. You will be able to access it right away after you have made the purchase; it can be downloaded and you can run on your Computer.

Study Guides: TestsExpert is also offering different Study Guides but for limited exams whcih are helpful in the preparation of different IT based certifications. In case you are also considering preparing for your certification programs by studying comprehensively; our study Guides will be helpful in providing you with an in-detail and in-depth knowledge.

Q: Which document format is used for the Q&A, Study Guides?
ANS:- The Q&A, Study Guides and Preparation Labs are available in one of the most popular and common format which is the PDF format. It is extremely easy to download and make use of. You are not required to make use of any additional software other than Adobe's free PDF reader.

Where to download product after purchase?

We will send you email attachment of product after purchase on your paypal email address or email address you have used to register on our website. Please make sure you check junk or spam box as well to make sure it is there. We are available on Live Chat support 24/7 if any issue.

What is TestsExpert offering?

TestsExpert is offering latest PDF format questions that are available with detailed answers that are helpful in updating your knowledge and you will be able to pass your final exam.

Q: All the questions in the Q&A Product include explanations?
ANS:- The explanations are normally options; we are trying our best to provide suitable explanations wherever they are required. Difficult Q&A are available with explicit and vivid explanation of complicated and difficult terms that would be helpful in having a better understanding the certifications' objectives.

Q:Are TestsExpert products adequate and satisfactory to pass my intended certification exams?
ANS:- The products offered are 100% satisfactory and adequate to attain a guaranteed success in your forthcoming certification exams. All these products have been prepared by experienced, experts and certified professionals who go all lengths to provide you with essential, basic and accurate knowledge. As a fail proof strategy, the Royal Pack is recommended which includes all the essential products required for a particular exam. Our unrelenting and continual success rare is that we are offering money back guarantee with our products

Q:Do TestsExpert Training Tools offer updated study material?
ANS:- Yes! All the training tools are updated on a regular basis in accordance to the current and on-going exam objectives that are offered by the Vendors. Latest updates and modifications are also sent to the existing customers so that they keep themselves updates.

Q:How the quality of the TestsExpert products is ensured?
ANS:- Our Information technology education professional have a lifelong experience and expertise in collaboration and compiling these products by secure analysis of specific certification exam that is helpful in increasing the accuracy and exactitude of the entire study material. Feedback regarding the effectiveness and quality of our products from the customers is also valued, which is helpful in making the study material more useful and accurate. The products are constantly reviewed and analyzed according to the updated requirements of particular certifications.

Q:Can I print your exams after downloading the PDF file?
ANS:- Yes! The Q&A that is in the PDF format can be printed right after the download.

Q:Do you provide updates? Are your updates free?
ANS:- Yes! Updates are provided and also they are completely free but only for 90 days time right from the original date of purchase. After 90 days period, we stop sending updates.

Q:Do you offer products updates for more 90 days?
ANS:- Yes, it is done but it is an optional requirement as mostly customers are contended with the default 90 days time. However, if you want to get updates after 90 days period, you are required to contact the customer support and your subscription period would be extended.

Q:I have found an inaccurate/ false answer in your products/I do not comprehend one of questions/one of the questions appears wrong. What should I do?
ANS:- In such a case, please send us a comments and opinions at sales@TestsExpert.com along with your purchase order number, Question number, and Exam code. We will be truly obliged and you will be responded promptly

Purchasing Questions

Q:How do I pay for the products?
ANS:- Payments are accepted via MetaCharge and PayPal as these payment methods are immediate, secure, and fast. In case you have any issues with these mentioned gateways, please feel free to contact us.

Q:Do you share your customer information with any third parties?
ANS:- No! We respect the privacy of our customers and never share it with any third parties at any cost.

Q:How many steps are involved in the online purchase?
ANS:- You need to select the required product(s), add them to your cart, select the payment method either MetaCharge or PayPal, and then click on the checkout tab for the payment. New users are required to sign up before they check out. After you have made a successful purchase, you need to sign in to your 'Account' on our website and you will be able to download the product(s).

Q:How can I place an order for someone else? / How can I transfer a product to someone else?
ANS:- The procedure is relatively simple when you are buying the products from the website. All the products are downloadable to your computer. In case you want to give these products to someone else, you are only required to download the products to your system and then hand it to the person you want to. If you are coming across any issues, please feel free to contact us.

Q:I am not able to add products to my Shopping Cart. What is the problem?
ANS:- You need to make sure that your Internet browser has cookies enabled. In case, the problem continues kindly contact us.

Q:How do I obtain a receipt for my order? ANS:- Login to your Account, select the 'Order History' link and you will be able to view your receipt or simply get it sent to your email ID.

General Questions

Q:What is a certification?
ANS:- Certification is basically an authentication by some vendor or internationally recognized examination system which certifies that you have particular skills and knowledge related to a specific field or technology. Most of the organizations set these certifications as a criterion for hiring individuals for particular job roles. Some of the certifications are valid for the entire life whereas most of the certifications require an upgrade after a particular period of time.

Q:How I will get my certificate? Do you provide the certification?
ANS:- You will only be provided with certification preparation material. Certification would be provided only after you have successfully passed the exam. If you want to know where and when the exams for your certification will be held and how you can enroll, please visit http://www.pearsonvue.com/ for more information.

Q:Do you provide money back guarantee?
ANS:- Yes! In case, you are not able to make out of your exam after making use of the preparatory material, your money will be refunded. On the other hand, refund is only granted if the customer is going to fulfill the following mentioned requirements: Te refund should be claimed and submitted with in the time period of 30days by fax or email from the date of purchase. You are required to send your registration number along with the Validation Number of the website where you registered yourself for attempting the exam.

  • :-   Results and Score sheet must specify the same name of customer.
  • :-    The refund claim should include the following vital information.
  • :-    Order Number
  • :-    Purchase Date
  • :-    Order Description (Exam Code)
  • :-    Transaction ID

Q:Who prepares the certification preparation material?
ANS:- Our professional and certified team prepares and then updates the material and that is also on a regular basis.

Q:What is the passing rate?
ANS:- We are proud to claim that we have been achieving 99% passing rate throughout.

Q:How can I get more information? ANS:- You can email us sales@TestsExpert.com and you will be responded promptly with all the essential information you are looking for.

Q:How do I receive my updates?
ANS:- The updates are available for download in the 'My Account' section. You need to sign in your account. The latest versions of all the purchased modules and official exams will be listed. You are just required to click on the downloadable link.

Q:There has been an update but when I downloaded, I'm getting the older version. What should I do? ANS:- In most of the cases, the older version is most likely residing in the cache memory of your system. It is recommended to restart your Internet Explorer, clear the Web cache, or restart your system on the whole. To clear the web cache, you are required to open your Explorer page, Select Tools, Internet Options command and click on 'Delete Files' tab.

Q:Are updates available for free?
ANS:- Yes! All the updates are available for free for the period of 90 days after you have purchased the modules. After 90 days time, the product is rated to be expired and is removed from the users' member zone.

Q:Who to contact if I have questions or problems?
ANS:- You can email your problems or queries at feedback@TestsExpert.com

About Us

Q:Who are we?
ANS:- We are one of the Leading and renowned IT Practice Exam offering company, making sure that will pass your exam with money refund opportunity. Our passionate and expert team is working through day and night to bring you with satisfaction in creating, designing, and then implementing the Practice Exams in an extremely smart and intelligent manner. From the past few years, we have been working on different certification practice exams that are from different vendors as required by our consumers according to their needs and demands. We follow the procedure of self-betterment by self-assessment and evaluation that is helpful in making us an extremely innovative and truly presentable for your customers. Customers criticism and opinions are highly appreciated which are helpful in improving the products in a mammoth way. This is because if the errors are highlighted, we are able to make our modules errorless and when appreciated we are encouraged for more accuracy.

Our Customers:
The products being offered are for every individual who prefers getting reputed certification from HP, BROCADE, CompTIA, ADOBE, APPLE, CISCO, MICROSOT and many others right in the first attempts with 100% pass guarantee. We are primarily covering a huge database network of Practice Exam Study Material.
We truly value our customers by offering them with best and utmost quality products along with outstanding customer support which they fully deserve as we believe in quality instead of quantity.Our primary goal is to acquire customer satisfaction. Therefore, to achieve this goal, we are anxiously working on our products; we measure our updated system as per the market trends and also what our customers require from us. We believe in providing robust support to our customers and providing them with best efforts to attain customer satisfaction.

Our Vendors:
We are covering different certifications from all the renowned vendors who have acquired the market in different aspects by providing knowledge and information sharing certification related to hardware, graphics, networking, programming, business solutions or business development. Our primary vendors are BROCADE, APPLE, EMC, HP, CompTIA, ORACLE, ADOBE, CISCO, Microsoft, and many others.

Our Focus:
Contrasting all other exam study material providers, we are not offering our customers with surety of passing the exams in the first attempt but also we strongly emphasis making our customers robust learners and superior in information which will help in shaping and enhancing knowledge as our primary consideration. In our point of view, you will not only going to pass the exam but in reality, you will be awarded with as a capable, skilled, proficient, and specialized professional in your particular certification.

Guarantee... Our Ultimate Promise
We are offering you with an unconditional 100% money refund. Student, who fail even they struggle too hard to pass the exam by making use of our preparation material; they are advised to claim their money back. They will be compensated by paying their money back and make them purchase the exam material different from the prior ones that has an equal or near to equal price range.

Q:What is Guarantee?
ANS:- Guarantee is basically an assurance of reimburse/ refund of the funds that you have spent on purchasing the exam training material in case you are unable to pass your examination. However, this never happens, as after you make use of our training material, you will be able to get through the certification with extreme ease and comfort. Our customers truly appreciate this privilege of 100% money reimbursement; all those find this facility best who struggles hard to get through the exams with more than one attempts. You are required to follow the following instructions to claim your money refund which are required for the sake of security and safety.

Q:How to Claim Guarantee?
ANS:- Not achieving success within 7 days after the actual purchase date money refund is not applicable. We highly recommend our candidates to at least take 7 days to prepare themselves for the particular certification exam material; it will be helpful in making you understand the exam in a better and easy manner.In case, you have unfortunately failed after you have made use of our study material, please do not hesitate to claim for your refund as it is your right which can be stated by sending the information that is mentioned below to us by email.A scanned copy of your Certification Result Report. Purchased Order Number, details and name of the purchased product.Our Email: sales@testsexpert.com
You will be getting reimbursement of your funds or you will be advised to opt for any new module that could be helpful to you in passing your exam. Your money will be refunded after 7 working days. If you come across any inconveniences, please feel free to get back to us via Email or Live Chat.

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