C1000-036 Certification Exam

Exam Name: IBM Watson IoT Platform V1 Solution Architect
Vendor Name: IBM
Total Questions: 120

IBM C1000-036 Exam Advance Your Sales Career with z14 Sales V2 Certification

The C1000-036 exam focuses on assessing the candidate’s understanding of the IBM z14 mainframe architecture, its key features, and benefits, as well as their ability to effectively position and sell these systems to clients. The exam also evaluates the candidate’s knowledge of the competitive landscape, market trends, and the unique value proposition offered by the z14 platform.

To successfully pass the C1000-036 exam, candidates must demonstrate their proficiency in various areas. These include:

  • BM z14 Overview: Candidates are expected to have a comprehensive understanding of the z14 mainframe system, its technical specifications, and its core capabilities. This includes knowledge of the system’s scalability, reliability, security features, and performance advantages.

  • Positioning the z14: Candidates should be able to articulate the unique value proposition of the z14 platform to potential clients. They need to showcase their ability to highlight the specific advantages of z14, such as its ability to handle large-scale workloads, support hybrid cloud environments, and deliver exceptional data encryption capabilities.

  • Competitor Differentiation: Candidates must demonstrate their knowledge of competing platforms and solutions in the market. This involves understanding the key differences between z14 and other mainframe systems, as well as alternative technologies. They should be able to position z14 effectively against competitors and clearly communicate its advantages to potential clients.

  • Solution Selling: Candidates should be able to apply solution-selling techniques and methodologies to effectively engage with clients and address their business needs. This includes identifying customer pain points, understanding their industry-specific challenges, and positioning the z14 platform as a solution that can address those challenges and provide tangible business benefits.

  • Industry and Market Trends: Candidates should stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the mainframe industry and understand the evolving needs of clients. This includes knowledge of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain, and how they can be leveraged with the z14 platform to deliver innovative solutions.

  1. Introduction to IBM z14

    This section provides a comprehensive introduction to IBM Z hardware and its architectural principles. It covers the various models of IBM z14, highlighting their key features and benefits.

    • Understanding the IBM Z hardware

    • Introduction to IBM Z architecture

    • Overview of IBM z14 Models

  2. IBM z14 Sales Fundamentals

    In this part of the course, students will learn about IBM Z sales strategies, understand customer requirements, and position IBM Z solutions effectively to meet those requirements.

    • Exploring IBM Z sales strategies

    • Understanding customer requirements

    • Positioning IBM Z solutions

  3. IBM z14 Advanced Sales

    This advanced sales module dives deeper into sales strategies for IBM Z. Learners will work through complex customer scenarios and learn how to develop a compelling value proposition.

    • Advanced strategies in IBM Z sales

    • Working with complex customer scenarios

    • Developing a compelling value proposition

  4. Preparing for the C1000-036 Certification Exam
  5. This final section of the course focuses on preparing for the C1000-036 Certification Exam. It covers understanding the exam format, questions, and preparation strategies and includes practice exams for review.

  • Understanding the exam format and questions

  • Exam preparation strategies

  1. Understand the exam objectives and the specific knowledge and skills required for each objective.

  2. Study the IBM z14 platform, including its technical specifications, scalability, reliability, security features, and performance advantages.

  3. Review official IBM documentation, whitepapers, and resources related to the z14 platform.

  4. Consider attending official IBM training courses designed for the C1000-036 exam.

  5. Gain practical experience with the z14 platform through hands-on labs, virtual environments, or real-world customer scenarios.

  • Practice exams and review

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