ASWB-MSW Certification Exam


Exam Name: Association of Social Work Boards: Master of Social Work
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ASWB-MSW: Association of Social Work Boards-Master of Social Work

General Information

The Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council and ASWB (Association of Social Work Boards) collaborate to provide potential licensees such as ASWB-MSW, with the ability to submit their credential test applications to ASWB, directly. This quick access to the examination benefits social workers more quickly. Check out our website to know about behavioral Health exams and their practice courses.

What is ASWB-MSW Certification?

The ASWB MSW is a licensed master social worker examination, that validates the professional skills and knowledge of a candidate to carry out specific social work duties accurately. This credential exam is a component of shielding the common people, or more precisely, the users of social work services. MSW licensing exam while providing an economical and trustworthy approach verifies whether the applicant is competent enough to carry out social working aspects or not.

How to Register for the ASWB-MSW Certification?

The ASWB credential tests are organized worldwide at the Pearson professional centers. To schedule your exam, firstly you have to register and pay the examination fee on the website of ASWB. After registration, you can schedule your test date and appointment time on the website online

The most important thing to remember is your appointment length is going to be longer than your exam time. As the appointment time covers all the components including the introduction to the exam, agreement (non-disclosure), tutorial, and more. Although the exam time only includes answering the questions and reviewing the test.

What is the format of the MSW exam?

The ASWB-MSW test consists of multiple-choice 170 questions, out of which 150 questions are scored while the rest 20 questions are unscored. How you perform in these 20 questions does not affect your score result, only the 150 answers matter. You will be given 4 consecutive hours to finish your exam on the Pearson VUE computer. There is testing software on the computer, that allows you to evaluate and navigate the exam, mark questions to review later, highlight, skip, modify answers, and review questions.

What are the objectives of the MSW Certification?

The ASWB-MSW credential exam consists of these topics;

  • Human diversity, behavior, and development in the environment —25%
  • Assessment —29%
  • Intervention with client systems or clients —26%
  • Professional ethics, values, and relationships —20%

How to prepare for the MSW exam?

You can find many preparation options while getting yourself familiar with any credential exam. Although, finding a suitable and all-in-one platform for exam preparations is a challenge in itself when you are confused with so many options. Here we have a perfect solution for this problem, our professionally designed behavioral health/social work exam courses.

These courses are designed by qualified professionals according to the actual exam format and content. All these professionals have expertise in their fields and their designed exam courses came up with great results in previous years. Similarly, our social work certificate online course 3 is structured to help students in the best possible way, so they can get 100% positive results on their first attempt.

The ASWB MSW practice exam contains 550 questions with answers and all the question’s content percentage is similar to the MSW test. Furthermore, we have interesting discount offers on our all certification exam courses. So check our website to avail of the offer and have best practice material, as they remain valid for a limited time.

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