AONL-CNML Certification Exam


Exam Name: Certified Nurse Manager and Leader
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AONL-CNML Certification Your Path to Nurse Leadership in Nursing Informatics

Discover everything you need to know about the AONL-CNML certification exam, including study training options, expert tips, and key exam information. Start your journey towards becoming a certified nurse leader in nursing informatics today.

Module Topic Hours
Module 1

Nursing Leadership and Management

Module 2

Healthcare Finance and Budgeting

Module 3

Healthcare Information Systems and Technology

Module 4

Healthcare Quality and Safety

Module 5

Human Resource Management in Healthcare

Module 6

Strategic Planning and Marketing in Healthcare


AONL-CNML Certification for Nurse Leaders in Nursing

The AONL-CNML certification is designed for nurse leaders who specialize in nursing informatics. The certification exam is intended to assess an individual’s knowledge and skills in leadership, nursing informatics, and healthcare technology.

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    3 hours

 Study Training Of AONL-CNML certification

To prepare for the AONL-CNML certification exam, it is important to undergo study training that covers the key topics and skills required for the exam. One recommended study training program is offered by the American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL), which offers a comprehensive online course covering the competencies and skills required for the AONL-CNML certification exam.

The AONL-CNML study training program covers a range of topics such as healthcare technology, leadership and management skills, nursing informatics, and more. The course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the AONL-CNML certification exam and become successful nurse leaders in healthcare informatics.

AONL-CNML certification Preparation Books

Preparing for the AONL-CNML certification exam requires extensive knowledge and understanding of nursing informatics and healthcare technology. One useful resource for studying and preparing for the exam is preparation books. Two highly recommended books for AONL-CNML certification exam preparation include “Essentials of Nursing Informatics” by Virginia K. Saba and Kathleen A. McCormick, which covers key topics in nursing informatics, and “Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing” by Bessie L. Marquis and Carol J. Huston, which covers leadership and management skills for nurses.

AONL-CNML Related Certifications

  • ANCC Nursing Informatics Certification (RN-BC)

  • CAHIMS Certification (Certified Associate in Healthcare Information and Management Systems)

  • CNIO Certification (Certified Nursing Informatics Officer)

Professional Level

The AONL-CNML certification is designed for nurse leaders who specialize in nursing informatics and have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in nursing or a related field. It is intended for individuals who have experience in nursing leadership and healthcare technology.

Practice Test Of AONL-CNML certification

AONL offers an online practice exam that includes 75 questions and is designed to simulate the actual AONL-CNML certification exam. The practice exam is available for purchase on the AONL website and can help individuals prepare for the format and difficulty level of the actual exam.

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