AMFTRB-MFT Certification Exam


Exam Name: Association of Marital and Family Therapy Regulatory Boards: Marital and Family Therapist
Vendor Name: Behavioral Health
Total Questions: 500
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AMFTRB-MFT (Association of Marital and Family Therapy Regulatory Boards-Marital and Family Therapists)

Behavioral health exams including AMFTRB-MFT are among the leading ways to secure a reputable career. These certifications test helps candidates in getting a perfect job while upgrading their market value. Certswarrior is the best platform to get 100% prepared for any of these credential exams. We have practice courses for nine different behavioral health certifications, you can choose the one that best suits you.

AMFTRB-MFT (Association of Marital and Family Therapy Regulatory Boards-Marital and Family Therapists) certification is one of the prominent exam courses on our website. The Vendor of this exam course is Behavioral Health. Before proceeding towards the features of this practice material, first, let’s understand what are the specifications of this certification;

What is AMFTRB-MFT certification?

The AMFTRB (Association of Marital and Family Therapy Regulating Boards) is an officially acknowledged corporation that encourages the certification and regulatory bodies for MFTs around the states. Other than California, all states require individuals (who want to start their careers as MFT) to achieve their clinical license by passing the AMFTBR MFT national clinical exam.

In addition, the AMFTRB not only administers the MFT credential but also disseminates and regulates the recent prominent research about clinical treatment. Further, it helps in influencing and drafting state and national mental health regulations and delivers all the required information to its users. Hence, the AMFTRB advises, guides, and supports all the significant choices that directly impact the marital and family therapist field.

Is There an Eligibility Requirement for the AMFTRB-MFT exam?

Every state that promotes this AMFTRBMFT exam comes along with distinct eligibility criteria for applicants. You are required to contact directly to your state’s licensing board to learn about its requirements for taking the examination. Once, you get permission to take the MFT exam from your state, you will receive a letter with an approval number and a link to connect with the PTC Online Application System. Here you are required to complete the PTC application and send in the examination fee.

Format of this Family and Marital Counseling Exam

This is a computer-based examination, that comes with 180 multiple-choice questions. Further, four hours will be given to candidates to finish the test. As recommended by the Americans with Disabilities Act, candidates meeting the requirements can ask for particular accommodations. Moreover, few states also offer special accommodations for learners of the English language.

The Marital Therapist exam is a starting point to becoming a professional and licensed family counselor. To attain, this certification in a single attempt, candidates are required to make themselves well prepared and practiced enough to confidently deliver during the test. We have an effective, all-in-one AMFTRB-MFT preparation course, that will surely help you in getting passing status.

Furthermore, all 500 questions of this course are structured according to the actual exam format by qualified professionals. You can also download a free demo to better understand the course format and style. Also, we have an interesting new year offer for you, a 50% discount on all our certification courses. So, click now to avail of the offer as it is for a limited time only.

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